Wednesday, August 3, 2022

What year is it?!

Sometimes life gets a little busy. Sometimes it gets REALLY busy and you suddenly realize it's been 11 years since your last website update. Thankfully there are platforms like Instagram and Facebook to share my work and stay in touch with people. If you don't already follow me, my handle is @carsbykris on both and I have years of exciting (and some mundane) content posted there! I hope to have some big updates coming for the website in coming months, but in the meantime, I am always available via email - and on the socials! - KH PS - Here is a Chevelle rendering I recently completed and in reference to this post's title, it's a little bit '70 and a little bit '71! I've always thought the classic front end of the '70 Chevelle would look great paired with the '71/2 rear bumper. Hope you all enjoy it and stop back in for more updates in the coming months!


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