Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cars by Kris to build 2011 Super Duty for SEMA 2010

What better way to say "This year is gonna be BIG" than by building a 6-wheeled, 22-foot long diesel truck?


Well that was the plan when Kris decided he would take a brief step away from sporty muscle cars and Euros to try is hand at designing and building a Ford F-350 Super Duty that he "would drive." Kris wanted to step out of his comfort zone a bit but still wanted to work with a company and a product he knew. The Super Duty was also newly redesigned for the 2011 model year and was a canvas ripe for customization. Despite its fame as a workhorse, Kris wanted to design a truck that also looked good, had a plush, high-end feel, and performed like a hot rod (well, as much as a 8,000+ pound truck could).

More info and pictures will be coming soon, so check back for updates!